crew · Brebeuf Crew Competes in Tennessee

Brebeuf students rowing for IRC finished the season strong this past weekend as they competed in the nation’s third largest regatta, Head of the Hooch, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Some of the standout finishes include the mixed men’s and women’s open 4+ boat with Emily Robb as coxswain placing 12th with a time of 20:48.1, the women’s novice 8+ boat with Grace Kaufmann coming in 13th with a time of 18:33.6 and the mixed men’s and women’s novice boat with Max Hayden placing 16th with a time of 19:04.6.  Congrats to a great showing by Brebeuf Crew and all of IRC!

Mens Youth 4+ A with Jake Killian (cox), Owen Hayden (1), Jack Kaufmann (2), Jacob Spolyar (3) came in 66th with a time of 17:49.5

Mens Youth 4+ B with Tav Van Natta (cox) and Will Woodhouse (3) came in 87th with a time of 19:00.7

Womens Masters 8+ with Olivia Roop (cox) came in 18th with a time of 18:37.1

Womens Youth 8+A  with Casey Sicuso (1) came in 29th with a time of 17:16.0

Womens Youth 8+ B with Olivia Mencias (1), Emily Robb (3), Jania Hackett (8) came in 77th with a time of 19:41.9

Mens Youth 8+ with Jacob Kilian (cox), Jacob Spolyar (1), Will Woodhouse (2), Owen Hayden (3), Jack Kaufmann (6), came in 74th with a time of 17:23.1

Womens Youth Novice 8+ with Grace Kaufmann (7) came in 13th with a time of 18:33.6

Womens Youth 4+ A with Casey Sicuso (1) came in 38th with a time of 19:01.1

Womens Youth 4+ B with Owen Hayden (cox) came in 47th with a time of 19:15.1

Womens Youth Single with Ivy Gallagher came in 40th with a time of 20:45.5

Mixed Open 4+ with Emily Robb (cox) came in 12th with a time of 20:48.1

Mens Youth 4x with Jacob Spolyar (1), Will Woodhouse (2), Jack Kaufmann (3) came in 51st with a time of 17:17.7

Womens Youth Lightweight 4+ with Casey Sicuso (1) and Ivy Gallagher (4) came in 27th with a time of 20:12.9

Womens Youth 4x B with Jania Hackett (1), Olivia Mencias (3) came in 50th with a time of 20:12.7

Mixed Youth 8+ with Emily Robb (1). Jack Kaufmann (4), Casey Sicuso (7) came in 19th with a time of 16:46.4

Mixed Youth Novice 8+ with Max Hayden (3) came in 16th with a time of 19:04.6