Varsity Ultimate · Spring Sport Senior Spotlight – Max Humbert

Sport:  Ultimate Frisbee

Accomplishments:  2020 Indoor State Champion, 2 year Brebeuf Ultimate captain, U20 mixed co-champion, and JUG free

Thank Yous:  I would like to thank my family for always supporting everything I do. I want to give a special shoutout to my brother Aj who first introduced me to ultimate and for teaching me how to throw a frisbee in the backyard. I would like to thank John Keele and JJ Yarbough for coaching me at Brebeuf for these last 4 years. I can’t thank you both enough for coaching on and off the field. Ultimate gave me many friends but it gave me 4 brothers too. I want to say thank you to Nick, Nate, Logan, and Alec you guys are always there for me on and off the field and it means a lot. It’s sad to see our senior season end so early and I will forever cherish our early morning car rides to tournaments and even the silent rides home after when everyone is sleeping. 4477 for life.

After Graduation Plans:  I will be attending University of Cincinnati. I will be studying Mechanical Engineering and maybe with a minor in fashion. I will also continue playing ultimate at UC.