Coaches Pledge

As a Coach at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, I promise:

1. To be a model of appropriate language and behavior.
2. To respect and dignify each of my athletes as an individual.
3. To promote the safety of each athlete and to ask no more in practice or competition than each is capable of delivering
4. To promote the conditions and circumstances that encourages each athlete to realize his or her full potential.
5. To impose time demands that acknowledges the primary importance of each athlete’s academic and family responsibilities.
6. To promote among all athletes and coaches a solid sense of team membership.
7. To never employ drills as punishment or negative reinforcement as a result of a poor outcome during contests and/or practices.
8. To reflect in my coaching the best and most recent thinking/strategy in my sport.
9. To assist, whenever appropriate and mutually convenient, with the post-high school planning of my players as it relates to athletics.
10. To be available to parents at a time that is mutually convenient.
11. To work, whenever appropriate, with other school personnel to guarantee the best interest of each of my student-athletes.